Thursday, November 15, 2012

Want to pay for more renewable energy?

Seattleites: Want to pay for more renewable energy? Every month? It's voluntarily.

Seattle now gets 96.5% of its electricity from renewable sources. Don't you want it to be higher? I don't see the problem.

I live outside the city limits, but we get our electricity from Seattle Light. So a couple weeks ago I got a mailing showing the very, very happy owner of a wind farm and telling me about the problem.

"However, while hydro electricity is renewable and low cost, it is not infinite."

Oh… It's not infinite. So disappointed. Nothing is infinite! That's life! But we have a lot of it and we are buying wind power also. But now Seattle is allowing its electricity customers to voluntarily pay $3, $6 or $12 per month to keep that 96.5% from falling. No thanks.

The graphic: the right column shows the power sources in 2012: Hydro 92.4 plus wind 4.1 = 96.5%.

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