Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sequester this! Stop overpaying slumlords so we can avoid evicting low-income families

The One, President Obama is cutting where it hurts the public most, because he doesn't want to cut any spending - except the military. Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma has a few helpful suggestions:

Senator Coburn

Dr. Coburn sent the following letter to HUD Director Shaun Donovan urging the agency to rein in cases of fraud and neglect across the country before cutting vital service for those in need.

There are currently 4,000 PHA’s across the country receiving over $24 billion in federal aid. Over 700 of these PHA’s were scored just last year by HUD as having substandard management or finances, and the Inspector General identified $8.7 billion in HUD funds that could have been better spent to meet the agency’s goals. However, HUD only redirected $1.5 million.

Follow the link and read the letter. President Obama's HUD has made a mess of public housing and isn't using the money it already has to fix things.

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