Friday, March 15, 2013

To cut spending you have to increase less than you cut

To cut spending you have to increase less than you cut. Yes…

Don't underestimate the creativity of Senator Patty Murray. She was given the huge responsibility of chairing the Senate Budget Committee and writing the FY 2014 budget. She cuts spending by $975 billion and talks it up. Look! I cut speeding!!!

But she fails to mention that her budget also increases spending by $960 billion to replace the sequester cuts and $100 billion in stimulus. $960B plus $100B = $1,060B or $1.06 trillion. Where I am from $1,060B is greater than $975B and this is an INCREASE in spending of $85 billion. That is not a cut.

Washington Examiner

Furthermore, where will her famous cuts be? And what will they be? People who have read it say that in 114 pages she doesn't get there. Ezra Klein at Washington Post.

In the “Reducing Health Costs Responsibly” section, for instance, the Senate Democrats’ budget says, “first and foremost, the Senate Budget rejects the approach taken by House Republicans when it comes to cuts to health care.” Fair enough. But it never really says, with any specificity, what Senate Democrats will do.

The budget speaks of “$275 billion in savings by further realigning incentives throughout the system, cutting waste and fraud, and seeking greater engagement across the health care system,” but at no point across its 114 pages does it name these savings. There’s talk of building on the Affordable Care Act’s efforts, but few specifics.

She is afraid if she told you what she would cut you would get defensive about the cuts that affect you. True. But some adult has to take charge and provide some leadership.
The Senate Democrats violated the 1974 Budget Control Act by not passing any budget at all for three years in a row. Now they have reformed... and put Patty Murray in charge. That is, BUT they put Patty Murray in charge. Her record of making tough decisions on what to cut to control spending is shown in the blank space below. (Null means nothing.)

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