Monday, October 07, 2013

President Spiteful Obama

We understand President Obama is using the "Washington Monument" tactic. You do the cuts to affect the maximum number of people. But He is carrying it farther than seen before in my lifetime.

Congress's blame is limited to not passing a budget. Only part of that, because the president has to accept the budget. But with the funds available it is the executive branch that sets the priorities. Obama's appointees decide. The Obama administration decided to block the highway shoulders by Mt Rushmore, so one cannot pull over and look. Sioux Falls News And Obama forced Mt Vernon (Washington's home) to close despite being totally privately funded. You see, the parking lot is federally owned, so the National Park Service was directed to lock it. The Inquisitor What does it cost to allow Mt Vernon to use the parking lot? Doesn't matter. This is for spite.

But… missing kids? Missing kids? Obama closed the Amber Alert website. Washington Examiner

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