Sunday, November 02, 2014

Federal Way ex-rep left Democrat Party to run as a Republican

The race for control of the Washington State Senate is in the balance and big bucks are being spent.

Mark Miloscia, a Federal Way ex-representative, left Democrat Party to run for state senate as a Republican. In a story about the state senate races in the Seattle Times the reporter makes no mention of why he did so.

Miloscia is a strong union supporter, minimum wage and all that. But as a Catholic the Demo Party is trampling his deep-held beliefs. Isn’t that worth looking into?

Here is the story dated Nov. 1, 2014: Seattle Times

And here is the comment I posted on the story:

Reporter O'Sullivan forgot to mention why former Rep. Mark Miloscia in Federal Way left the Democrat Party. Here is what he said in March, 2014:


"The most important thing is to independently represent your district and not to follow orders from the party bosses or special interests. I would not vote to make it easier to raise taxes when the district voted repeatedly for a two-thirds majority requirement.


"Today, it’s the Republican Party that offers a big tent, welcoming different views, from moderates like Secretary of State Kim Wyman and Senator Steve Litzow, to conservatives in Eastern Washington. Washington State Republicans don’t insist that everyone believe and vote exactly the same way to run for office."

He left the control of party bosses for the big tent, that allows him to decide his own positions.