Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Need software? Code schools

The demand for software is so great that more developers are needed. You can go to a four-year college, even add two years for a master’s degree. But what if you already did that in psychology or English? And you want a well paying job.

Code schools

Immigrant from Iran Hadi Partovi and his twin brother started a non-profit online school to teach software coding. Code.org

Code.org has raised $15 million, published 80 hours worth of coding tutorials, and helped more than 45 million kids learn to code, since December, 2013. They are planning a one-week “Hour of Code” December 8 to 14. 

The instruction is aimed at kids. The Hour of Code will be code for Angry Birds! That sure hits our grandson’s 7-year-old interests! 

Learn more at Seattle Business Journal. They go farther and encourage more computer-science education in K-12 schools. With the specific situation for every state - Washington.

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Codefellows in Seattle guarantees a job to its graduates. See story at Geekwire.

Code School appears to be online.

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