Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mayor Murray plans trip to Israel

Mayor Murray is planning to travel to Israel. To promote gay-queer-etc issues. Oh.

Why is that news? Because the Palestinian hear-no-evil shouters don’t want anyone saying anything at all, even slightly positive about Israel. Murray says he is going to support the LGBQTx community there and because he support Israel’s right to exist. Seems reasonable.

A leader is Seattle U law prof Dean Spade who says Murray is going “to be part of a propaganda conference that promotes Israel as a gay-rights haven in order to cover up the realities of apartheid.” And Spade is promoting a movie that he calls a documentary, but sure sounds like propaganda, "Pinkwashing."

There are defenders. Arthur Slepian, executive director of A Wider Bridge, said, “We hope that having this conference in Israel will begin to move our global LGBTQ community away from the self-defeating strategy advocated by those who insist that we need to shut down the voices of those with whom we may disagree,”

Good for Murray.

Source: Seattle Times

(I add the x to the term LGBQTx because another group will be added to the chain; we just don’t yet know which.)

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