Monday, May 04, 2015

Socialist success - Venezuelans leaving for other countries AND Award from UN

Another demonstrations of socialist success in Venezuelans.

Venezuelans are giving up and leaving for other countries. But few can do this because 80 per cent of the country cannot afford to feed themselves!

El Universal, Caracas (in English)


The United Nations is recognizing a country for fighting hunger… Which one?... You can’t make this up… Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday that he would be traveling to Italy to receive an award for Venezuela's "food missions," according to El Universal.

Investors Business Daily

… Currency controls, expropriations and state corruption have left Venezuelans standing in multiple lines for much of the day just to get access to basic foodstuffs. The last official data, issued two years ago, show supplies of basic foodstuffs are 28% below 2004 levels.

Fights are now commonplace in food lines. Medical shortages are so severe that the country has resorted to fingerprinting to catch thieves, and Maduro blames "hoarders" and "CIA plots" for the failures. With scapegoats aplenty, don't expect him to fix the problems soon.

At last month's Summit of the Americas in Panama, there was open talk from Latin American leaders of sending food-aid caravans to ease the hunger.

Yes, this catastrophic situation calls for awards to the leaders who caused. Only at the UN.

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