Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tell us, Joe Biden, about your Democrat friends

Calling me a racist? In Atlanta Tuesday Pres. S. Joe Biden said that anyone who favors showing ID to vote is on the side of Bull Connor, George Wallace and Jefferson David. 

Those three were racists and slave holders and all Democrats. Demo Bull Connor arrested 1200 high school students and sent dogs and fire hoses against them in Birmingham, Alabma. He was a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Jefferson Davis was a slaveholder and president of the Confederate States of America which took up arms and killed Americans to protect slavery. A Democrat.

George Wallace was a proud racist Democrat governor of Alabama. And friendly with Joe Biden. Biden received an award from Wallace in 1973 and bragged about it in 1987.

Did Biden really brag about friendship with Wallace? See Your News.

It looks to me like if you favor ID for voting you are an American involved in the give and take of policy. Joe Biden opposes it and is the proud friend of racist Democrats.

[I corrected misspellings.]

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