Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wear a mask for me

I am not a good mask wearer and never will be. Other people seem to look forward to hiding behind a piece of cloth. Given that they put the darn things on when they are in a car alone; some wear one when jogging not near anyone. I can’t stand it. I have to breathe and I can’t wearing a mask. One expert semi-defender of mask wearing said “at least people will touch their faces less (very weak reason). Not true! I am constantly tugging and rearranging the thing - touching my face more.

My biggest complain about masks is that about half of those we see worn are worthless. A cloth mask is equivalent to covering your sneeze or cough. That MIGHT reduce you giving covid to someone else, more likely NOT, but it doesn’t protect you in the slightest. So every expert that says masks help is telling a half truth. Which is worse? - to tell an untruth/half truth you know or to claim you are an expert and not know you are spreading falsehood?

The only mask that offers protection against the tiny, tiny virus is the M95. I have two of them (pretty old), but can’t remember the last time I saw anyone wearing one. KN95 offers less protection. And the throw-away paper mask gives slight protection. Everything else does nothing. Nothing.

Wear a mask for me. Or two or three masks… No, NOT for me, but for yourself. It might make you feel good.

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