Sunday, August 28, 2022

I want to see the last Boeing 747 be assembled

 Because I saw the first!

When I was in college at University of Washington I worked for Boeing for 3 years. Boeing had a program for engineering and science majors of UW and Seattle U to work part-time and had an office near University Village where we worked. There we did boring, but necessary, drafting work. And Boeing engineers who wanted a sharp student to do some work for them would come the recruit us for a temporary assignment. These were always more interesting than the bread-and-butter work, though much less convenient for travel time.

 It was the best student job. During school we could work 12 or 16 (or more) hours per week. During breaks we could continue part-time, work full-time or take off. And we got a raise every year. Perfect.

In the winter/spring of 1968 I was sent on a temporary assignment at Boeing’s Everett plant and we walked through the huge building where the first 747, RA-01, was being assembled. Wow! So… I would like to see the last one being assembled for Atlas Air in that same giant building.


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