Sunday, March 27, 2005

Felons to Vote - We will Force You

The Hillary Clinton school of politics. If there is a problem because felons voted when it was illegal for them to vote, then make it legal. And don't just do it in your state - force all states to allow felons to vote. George Will covers the situation. And it's hard to validate people who register to vote just before the election. Well, Senator Clinton wants to make things worse, not better. Her bill forces states to allow registering on election day. This is the philosophy that having more votes cast is good, even if people vote more than once. In Wisconsin they allow election-day registering and it is a mess. I read the account of an attorney who went to Wisconsin to observe on election day. His polling place was a zoo from the time polls opened until they closed. Election workers were handing out ballots left and right. Even people who were not election workers were grabbing ballots and handing them out. People removed ballots from the election place and returned to submit them - in violation of the law.

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