Sunday, March 27, 2005

Freedom is Spreading in the Middle East - blame Bush

Election and succession of power in Afghanistan. Election and new government in Iraq. Syria's puppet government resigns in Lebanon. Hosni Mubarak after 4 unopposed quote elections says he would like to have an opponent. Assad in Syria discovered Saddam's brother and handed him over to the government of Iraq. Women will vote in the next election in Saudi Arabia. All this freedom arriving in the Middle East. Why didn't it happen under Bill Clinton? Blame George Bush. It's not a coincidence that freedom broke out after Bush took on the big bully and beat him up decisively. And the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq caused people under other tyrannies to say "why do we have to be pushed around by President For Life for 20 years? Can't we have real elections?" Maybe the Berlin Wall has been broken down! I sure hope so. Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times does a great job in a few words. Election validates Bush's vision for Iraq

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