Monday, March 28, 2005

Let Terri Schiavo Live!

Terri Schiavo's death is cruel and unnecessary. Her wishes are not known; she never wrote anything. Her husband seven years after she was disabled suddenly remembered her saying she didn't want to live unless fully capable. Funny it took him 7 years to "remember." Actually, I think he had hope for her for those seven years, then gave up. Tragic. But he didn't have to commit his life to ending her life. And why do we call him her husband? He abandoned her at least 5 years ago for another woman. They have children together. His only interest in Terri has been to deny her rehabilitation and now to deny her life. The courts should have removed him from the husband role. The parents are willing to take care of Terri. Let her live. Let Michael keep the money; it must be very important to him. The courts have been very arrogant in this. Congress and the President asked the courts to look at the case "de novo," which means from the beginning. The US district court should have gotten Terri on the feeding tube, then taken a couple of days to review her situtation. Instead he said "I don't listen to Congress." The courts have decided that we no longer have government of 3 balanced branches. We have government of one branch - judges who have life appointments. They have decided that they are now the legislative branch - they write whatever laws they want. This violates the US Constitution's separation of powers and cannot last. Hugh Hewitt has been the loudest voice on the judges blatant violation of the Constitution. He exlplains the provisions for the Congress to instruct the courts.

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