Sunday, April 10, 2005

Confirm John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN

Update I sent a different letter to Senator Patty. I included fewer facts and more politics. I reminded her that the Democrats lost the Senate in 2002 because they obstructed the President. She should remember that - she was the senator in charge of their reelection effort as head of the DSCC. And in 2004 Tom Daschle got sent back to his Georgetown mansion because he did nothing but obstruct. I'm not quoting the text, because it's on my other Mac which is not real reliable right now. But I just wanted to give Patty the thought that maybe passing the judge nominees to the floor would be good for both Democrats and Republicans. * I just learned one of Tommy Daschle's dirty tricks today. He dismissed the Senate for something over 30 days because when there is an interruption of 30 days or more all judicial nominations are killed and have to start over. There was no reason to dismiss the Senate. He did it just to stop judges who would be confirmed if voted on. He got his reward. Source: Daily Thoughts Original post: I sent the following letter to my US Senator Maria Cantwell: The United Nations is a mess. The Iraq Oil-for-food program was so incompetently run that Saddam Hussein was able to subvert it and get $ billions for arms and his palaces. What body administered it? The UN. The official next in rank to Kofi Annan himself was implicated and, by coincidence, it was immediately after he had quit his office. The staff is known to be losing patience with Kofi Annan, since he got himself entangled in the "oil for food" scandal. More: Countries ruled by dictators outnumber those with representative governments and have a lot of say in setting the agends. - The worst abusers of human rights were elected - elected - to the Human Rights Commission - Libya, Sudan. - Kofi Annan did nothing to stop the massive massacre in Rwanda. If we send a rah-rah person, then nothing will happen, which means the UN will sink deeper and deeper in ineffectiveness and corruption. We need to send someone who can look at the UN with a critical eye and say "What is the purpose? How can the UN be changed to attain that?" John Bolton has the reputation of being skeptical and asking hard questions. He has been confirmed by the Senate for high offices 4 times. He has served under 3 presidents. And there has been no hint of scandal in his work or life. Please lead the move to confirm Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations. Truly, Ron Hebron


Patrick said...

Our Communications Director recently blogged about the UN being on a crash-course.

I like the idea of a new Ambassador, but think we need a new leader at the UN, namely an American replacement for Kofi Annan!

What, blasphemy you say? Why shouldn't an American be the next Secretary-General?!? I think that would make for a great post!

Ron said...


An American? Why, Bill Clinton would gladly accept. No, seriously. If you think the UN can be saved then who is leading makes a difference. I think it's way, way beyond repair. The proposal that started as a joke is now my preferred option - get the UN out of the US; move it to Chad. The priority of the UN will drop like a rock for every country.

I think the US should leave the UN and start a new organization that is limited to countries with free elections. That leaves the UN in the hands of those who control the General Assembly - the dictators.

You are my first commenter. Thanks.