Friday, April 08, 2005

Google Satellite Photos

Warning. This is addictive!

Hot new feature. Mapquest had satellite photos for a while, but they are long gone. But Google bought Digital Globe and now is making their photos available. Google Maps Navigate on the map to your area of interest, then click "Satellite" in the upper right. It's easier to navigate on the map, except for rivers, which only show if they are very wide. A few of my favorite spots. To get a better perspective when viewing the satellite photo push the slider down to zoom out, then click on "Map" in the upper right. The drive north from Vancouver, BC to Squamish along Howe Sound on the way to Whistler in Canada is spectacular. Satellite - St. Mary on the east edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. The approach on the west side is more heavily traveled, but foothills block the view. On this east approach you get the expansive view of the Rockie Mountains both from the town of St. Mary and from the prairies to the east. Satellite - Dry Falls in eastern Washington, just south of US Highway 2. The site of a cosmic flood at the end of the last ice age. A waterfall 350 feet high and 4 miles across - but for only a day or two. The dark serpentines at the center are the shadows of the high cliffs. Satellite


P Scott Cummins said...

Thanks for getting me going on this!

Now, can I have some help with the apparent addiction caused by burning a couple of mid-day hours looking at every place on the planet I have ever visited - and the dozens of others on my "Wish List"? I think I need an intervention...

Ron said...

Me, too. It's addictive.