Thursday, April 07, 2005

Priorities at the Legislature

I-601 limit on spending.

Evergreen Freedom Foundation discovered - discovered that the Democrats have disclosed that they intend to violate the voters' wishes in two ways. I-601 is an initiative that limits state spending. It was passed immediately the last time the Democrats ran everything. In 1993 Gary Locke helped then-Gov. Mike Lowrey to fund every program anyone came up with. Of course that required huge tax increases. It was thrown back in their faces; I-601 signatures were gathered within months. Then in November of the same year the voters passed I-601 to limit spending. I-601 limits state spending to the growth in population and inflation. It can only be exceeded by a 2/3 vote of the Legislature. And tax increases require a vote by the public. The Democrats intend, first, to push money around to raise the limit. Then they intend to get rid of it anyway. Instead of passing a bill that kills the spending limit, they intend to explicitly set it aside for two years. And they will do it with a majority vote, not the 2/3 required. Can they do it? They did it in 2003.

No phony ban of human cloning

Senate Bill 5594. Other people have covered this thoroughly. Robert the Mulatto Advocate got there first. Wesley J. Smith of Discovery Institute is the expert who knows it inside out. His article. It not only does not do what it purports to do - ban human cloning. But It allows cloning in which the human fetus MUST be killed. It hangs this on a false distinction about the purpose of the cloning being for therapeutic use. When what is important is what is done - the cloning.

Election reform

This unbelievable. We elected and reelected Sam Reed, a Republican, to oversee elections. He gets much blame for the mess in King County and the State for the November, 2004 election. He literally did not do his job. This has been well documented at So does he propose requiring showing photo identification to vote? No. He proposes making things worse, instead of better. HB 1754/SB 5744. He proposes going 100% mail voting. It is much easier to vote illegally with mail voting. Indeed, with mail voter registration a person can establish a false ID, then get a mail ballot and vote in every election. At each election the poll workers will do only one check - to compare his signature to the one on file, which will of course match. So anyone will be able vote - noncitizens, felons, everyone. And anyone will be able to vote 2 or 3 times. Sam Reed.... there is only one term for a person who does the opposite of what is required when he swore the oath of office - he is a fool. And the news is even worse. HB1754/SB 5722 have both passed! Both the Senate and the House have already passed the bills to allow all voting entirely by mail. One of them has to vote to accept the other's bill - routine. I am sure they will say that this does not require all-mail voting, just allows it. There is much more going on. These are just 3 low spots.

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