Friday, July 22, 2005

Attack on Roberts

President Bush's nominee for Supreme Court Judge John Roberts is respected throughout the legal profession. He is the top star among attorneys who argued cases before the Supreme Court. When he was nominated for the 5th Circuit Court (Washington, DC) the vote in committee was 14 to 3 and on the floor it was unanimous - unanimous. So why would esteemed Senator Schumer oppose him? Because he is not an extreme liberal. On what basis could not-esteemed Senator Patrick Leahy oppose him? None. So they have to cook something up. Hugh Hewitt is my favorite source for the legal system - law prof and supreme talk radio host. He says they will (1)Ask question that they know he shouldn't ask, then oppose him for being nonresponsive. Clinton nominee Ruth Ginsberg didn't answer questions about court decisions and the Republicans didn't complain; most of them voted for her. But no, "this is different" - esteemed Ted Kennedy. (2) His dirty secret: he is a Catholic, like tens of millions of Americans. So he has "deeply held beliefs." They will oppose him for this? Yes, they have nothing else. (3) Get silly. Hewitt:
It is going to get ugly, and how ugly depends upon how desperate the left is, and it looks pretty desperate. Charmaine Yost's post here makes me think there is no bottom to the left's lows.
So don't get too worried. Watch what they do and remember that the people who know his work honor him without exception.

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