Monday, July 25, 2005

My Apple email is broken

I use Apple's .mac for email. But I haven't been able to receive mail since Friday. Apple's suppot is nonexistent. I use for web hosting at a very reasonable cost. If I have a problem with my account I send pair email and they respond. Apple has no way to handle an individual problem. Oh, they have help files that tell how to hook up to your server. But I am OK there. If you send me email you will get it thrown back at you with "mailbox is full." Yes, it had two 5 MB emails in it; it deleted them. But it is still broken. (I can view all my mail folders and send mail.) BTW, this is not a free account. I pay for my email account; I also get online backup and I can keep my address book and calendar online with automatic synchronizing. But I can stop paying Apple and just use if Apple won't support me. Another offline weekend. I might have to get my own access at our cabin. But it was beautiful weather.

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