Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Race-based government for Hawaii gets closer

There is action this week in the Congress to establish a race-based government in Hawaii -- "the Akaka bill." Today it is being held by one senator, but action is expected. This bill breaks the agreements made at Hawaii's statehood and changes the law to treat native Hawaiians as Indians. Opponents say that in the statehood agreement the federal government gave Hawaii 2.5 million acres to give to/use for the Hawaii natives. But it was not to be another Indian reservation; the state had flexibility. But the state has done little with the land. And this would return the land to federal control. Strange. And it is race-based. It breaks out the people of Hawaii according to race and gives privileges only to those of one race. There are Hawaiians of other races with ancestors who were in Hawaii when Hawaii acceded to the US. Why don't the Caucasian and Japanese Americans get the same privileges? Race. As much as I love Hawaii, I wish I had studied this development more thoroughly. The Republican Governor Linda Lingle is working hard for it. But why? On principle? Or does she have higher ambitions?
Senator Kyl's (Arizona) objections Hawaii Reporter
Stop Akaka.com

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