Monday, August 01, 2005

Election Progress

There is slow action on cleaning the Washington election mess. No. Sam Reed is not doing anything that makes things better. He is too busy defending his past failures. Thanks to Stefan Sharkanski at Sound Politics it appears that Norm Maleng overcame his terminal stiction* and moved slightly. King County is prosecuting 4 people who voted twice and 2 have already plead guilty. Seattle Times But Maleng won't go any farther. He needs Bob Williams to do his work. So Evergreen Freedom Foundation is doing what they can do; they are suing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Betty B. Fletcher for illegally registering to vote where she does not live. She registered downtown where she works. It is a felony to make a false statement when registering to vote. The law is RCW 29A.84.130 Evergreen Freedom Foundation


Don't take him seriously and Rep. Jim Moeller, (D) Vancouver, won't take the election seriously. He earns the "Dumb E-mail from Elected Official" award. Stefan has his letter to Bob Williams for your entertainment at Sound Politics * Stiction - resting friction that make it hard to get moving. Webopedia Computer Dictionay

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