Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Truth about Hillary

Finally a day less than 85F in the coastal mountains of BC. I quickly read The Truth About Hillary by Edward Klein. He paints the picture through the book of the kind of person she is - controlling, win at any cost, any cost, left-wing. He points out many lies she has told. But I am bothered by the lies he doesn't correct. I was there the day in July or August, 1994, when Hillary brought her big-brother health-care program to Seattle. The response in Seattle put a substantial dent in the cake walk she expected. The day before in Portland, Oregon, the federal workers came out by the hundreds to cheer her. But, stroke of luck, her event in Seattle was on a Saturday so the civil "servants" weren't there - only the people who made an effort were there. That included 2 or 300 conservative talk-radio listeners. The spirited opposition in Seattle was reported across the country and similar groups met the queen at every stop and had a strong impact. Hillary says that people tried to keep her from talking. Wrong. There was good-natured opposition with signs and a welcome Bronx cheer, but no effort to shut her up. Hillary says that there was violence and weapons were being taken off of people. The report of violence wasn't made until about Wednesday by a poor source - Senator Pattie (that's what she calls herself) Murray. There was no eye witness on Saturday or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. Weapons - one guy got stopped with a fire arm. He was walking along the street and had no idea that the secret service was there for the First Lady. He had noting to do with the conservative turn out. I am trying to recall one other non correction. Later. Ignore the spin against Klein's book. It is a good, quick read.

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