Monday, April 17, 2006

Criminal McDermott takes the offensive

My Congressman Jim McDermott is proud that he knowingly accepted and forwarded the illegal tape of a cell-phone conversation nine years ago. Here is his proud defense which ignores that he committed a crime. And of course he hides the fact that the people who made the tape were charged with the crime and pled guilty. But he is a mighty Congressman, so the laws don't apply to him. I sent this letter to the Seattle Times:
Editor, Seattle Times My Congressman Jim McDermott on 4/14/06 doesn't mention the seriousness of what he did so proudly nine years ago. The taping of the cell-phone conversation by the Florida couple was illegal. McDermott accepted the illegally made tape and passed it on. Then when asked about it by the New York Times he lied and said he knew nothing. The Florida couple John and Alice Martin who made the recording were not protected by the first amendment. They were convicted under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and fined $1,000. It was a crime. McDermott should mention those facts when he is telling how proud he is. Because he also committed a crime. If you or I had done what he did Janet Reno would not have protected us. We have the protection of the First Amendment for what we say, but not to protect us from criminal acts. Thanks to Congressman Boehner for persisting to insist on justice. Even Congressman McDermott is being held partially responsible for the wrong he committed. Truly, Ron Hebron

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