Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jimmy Carter Revealed

Ex-president Jimmy Carter misses no opportunity to oppose the United States. I just can't respect a man who when he earned the highest office in the country took the oath of office as "Jimmy." Rush Limbaugh draws a bead on him. This is straight history and it hurts. How did we allow one man to do so much damage? Jimmy Carter caused some of the very problems he is now complaining about.
  • There would be no flap over domestic wiretapping if Carter hadn't signed the "patently unconstitutional" 1978 law requiring the president to get a warrant to conduct surveillance within the U.S. "According to the Constitution, the president is commander-in-chief; no sitting president has the authority to surrender those powers," Limbaugh stated. "But Jimmy Carter did."
  • Until the Carter administration, the CIA had been paying off the mullahs in Iran who opposed the shah, an American ally. Carter ordered these payments stopped.

    "You remember the rest: The storming of the embassy, the botched rescue attempt, and murder on a scale that made the shah look like Mr. Rogers," Rush reports.

    Limbaugh quotes Charles Scott, an Army attaché at the American embassy in Iran, who said: "Iran walked away with no cost in blood or treasure. It was a green light to terrorists worldwide - a sign that the U.S. will let you off scot-free. That's the reason for the birth of organizations like al-Qaida."
  • Carter's perceived weakness emboldened the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan - "the end result of which was the Taliban," Rush noted. "Another consequence of the shah's fall was the Iran-Iraq war. Thanks to that, Saddam invaded Kuwait. Which brought us Desert Storm, which was a catalyst for Osama bin Laden."
  • What's more, Iran - "now being led by one of the thugs who held our people hostage - is about to go nuclear."

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