Thursday, April 20, 2006

Give Carter credit for Iran, Venezuela and North Korea

Ex-President Jimmy Carter, the Georgia peanut farmer, is still out doing us "favors," that is, causing damage to our US interests. He has an award-winning record. When President Clinton had a major problem on his hands with North Korea ten years ago he sent Carter in. Carter announced that he had made a major breakthrough - that NK would give up its nuclear weapons program if we built nuclear power plants; and until the nuc power went online he generously offered them enough oil to generate electric power. He was ecstatic. He was the big peacemaker. And he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for it. And who paid for the expensive power plants and oil? You, the generous US taxpayers. But the very week that Jimmy traveled to Oslo in December, 2002, to be honored by all people who travel around giving awards to each other - the very week - North Korea announced that they had not stopped their nuclear weapons program at all. North Korea had continued developing bombs to send to us, while they received a huge amount of aid from us. Who is the fool here? The American public? Or the honored Jimmy Carter? Answer: both. We knew that he already had a track record of propping up tyrants. He crumbled on support for the Shah of Iran and invited the Islamic radicals to take over Iran. That saved them 10 years at least. Then he showed them that we would put up with them attacking us when he allowed them to invade our sovereign territory, our US embassy, and to hold US diplomats hostage for over a year. Michael Reagan has a good analysis of Carter's record at Frontpage Magazine. Update: I just read President Jimmy's Nobel acceptance speech. He doesn't even mention North Korea. I wonder why - he finally realized he made a mistake. No, he would never admit making a mistake. Uh.... the crafty North Koreans lied to him. He is half right there. Yes, they lied to him. His mistake 10 years ago was thinking they were telling the truth. What a fool. Previous post: Jimmy Carter Revealed

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