Saturday, May 06, 2006

Energy from Wind - Bush is pushing it

The earth is bombarded by energy from the Sun continuously. We just have to convert a tiny portion of it to forms we can use. I favor efforts to do this by multiple means. Wind-driven turbines is one of those ways. The environmentalists always tell us that we can reduce our use of coal and Middle-East oil by solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. So why do the environmentalists fight every practical proposal? Now it's Massachusetts against green energy and George Bush in favor. Reuters reports:
The Bush administration has weighed in against a plan advancing in the U.S. Congress that would empower the Massachusetts governor to block the nation's first offshore wind farm from being built in Nantucket Sound. David Garman, UnderSecretary of Energy, said provisions in the $8.7 billion Coast Guard reauthorization bill that would empower Governor Mitt Romney to block the $900 million project are "unwise" because the New England region needs new energy supplies. A House-Senate bargaining committee last month included a provision in the funding bill that would allow Romney to block a plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC to put 130 giant wind turbines near the tony resort islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Romney, a Republican, is an outspoken opponent of the project, as is U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Democrat, and many wealthy residents who own coastal property and belong to exclusive yacht clubs in the area. Backers say the project could generate enough electricity for most of Cape Cod and nearby islands. Garman said blocking the wind farm would have a "chilling impact" on the administration's goal of expanding renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
The greenies in New England should cut off electric power to their homes. They oppose every form of energy, even the green forms that they tell everyone else to use. OK. No power. They chose it.

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