Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Taxbreaks for illegals, not for you

Our compassionate US Senators are going to forgive illegal immigrants for income tax payments they illegally avoided. But they won't forgive you or me. Read that again. Tax breaks for illegals, not for you or me. Thanks Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa for highlighting this cruel trick:
2. Taxes -- Under the bill, illegal aliens get an option to only have to pay three of their last five years in back taxes. Law-abiding American citizens do not have the option to pay some of their taxes. The bill would treat lawbreakers better than the American people. The bill also makes the IRS prove that illegal aliens have paid their back taxes. It will be impossible for the IRS to truly enforce this because they cannot audit every single person in this country.
Earth to DC: Treat citizens better than illegals, not worse!! Via Tom Bevan at Real Clear

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