Monday, May 22, 2006

Good News - Peace and Growth

Michael Barone At US looks at the evidence. The sum of the economies of the world is growing with little inflation. Growth is good in the US, China, India. Europe is slower, since they chose their welfare bureaucracy over economic opportunity. And there is less, not more, war. The Human Security Centre at the University of British Columbia:
announces the launch of the 2005 Human Security Report: War and Peace in the 21st Century. Funded by five governments, published by Oxford University Press, and three years in the making, the Report tracks and analyses trends in political violence around the world. Its findings are sharply at odds with conventional wisdom. It shows that most forms of political violence have declined significantly since the end of the Cold War––and finds that the best explanation for this decline is the huge upsurge of conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding activities that were spearheaded by the United Nations in the aftermath of the Cold War.
I will learn more about this report and the institute that produced it.

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