Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Mac

I bought a Mac Powerbook to succeed my old Powerbook G4 12. It's a big step up in performance and a step down in aesthetics. It has a plastic case, which is not so nice compared to the aluminum. But it is much faster. Speed and performance require more than the heavily-advertised clock speed, which is 2.16 MHz. RAM helps. But also the size of the cache(e) and speed of the bus - 667 MHz versus 1.67 - Wow! I paid extra for the black one, because every middle-school kid in our local school district has the standard white one. But migrating to it is slow and painful. Apple has software to help, but it spent an hour moving things - at very fast Firewire speed - without helping me with my daily needs - mail, calendar and address book. And I had to start up the old one to post this!

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