Monday, July 30, 2007

Common sense and the public university

This is rare: common sense at the University of Wisconsin. Maybe not rare, but certainly note-worthy. Should an undergraduate studying business pay more than one studying psychology? Should a journalism degree cost more than one in literature? Yes. There is more demand for business and journalism and so they are more valuable. And because they have more value for the students, they are willing to pay more. And the costs are higher: the professors are in demand, so they demand and receive higher pay. Duhhh. If there is a cheap shot the NY Times will take it. On the front page of the Seattle Times print version, but not online:
Will students with less money have fewer choices?
Do shoppers with less money have fewer choices? Do welfare recipients buy $200 concert seats? Does the Seattle Times gives its newspaper away? No, they can't afford to. Welcome to life, Seattle Times. It's tough.

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