Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey, Big Spender! :: Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Hey, Big Spender Hey, Big Spender! :: Evergreen Freedom Foundation: How much will your legislator cost you? Updated as of: March 9, 2008 Using data and projections compiled by the Office of Financial Management, we have aggregated bills introduced in the 2008 legislative session to determine the total increased taxes and fees proposed by each individual legislator, as primary or co-sponsor, would bring to taxpayers over a ten year period. This chart will be updated weekly until all OFM financial projections have been released and finalized.

Legislator Total Tax & Fee Increase Rank

Kohl-Welles Jeanne D-36 SEN $214,327,749,698 1 Keiser Karen D-33 SEN $146,963,345,323 2 Hasegawa Bob D-11 REP $69,861,215,969 3

Hunt Sam D-22 REP $69,835,437,700 4

Fraser Karen D-22 SEN $61,936,239,930 5 Conway Steve D-29 REP $61,400,379,740 6 Fairley Darlene D-32 SEN $61,358,348,976 7

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