Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tibet - Torture, hunger, mobile sterilisation units ... the brutal reality

Torture, hunger, mobile sterilisation units ... the brutal reality of Tibet 2008 | the Daily Mail: British filmmakers have emerged from three months undercover in Tibet to release a terrifying portrayal of Chinese repression, including shootings, torture and the brutal sterilisation of women left maimed by crude operations. Their film, to be shown tomorrow night as part of Channel 4's Dispatches series, was made before the recent outbreak of anti-Chinese rioting in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. But with hundreds of jailed Tibetan protesters now in fear for their lives, the harrowing footage will add to the storm of condemnation gathering ahead of the Beijing Olympics this year. The documentary's investigation began with the notorious 2006 shootings on the Nangpa La pass, when unarmed Tibetans trying to leave the country were gunned down by Chinese border guards. Two Tibetans were killed and 32 detained, interrogated and then sent to a labour camp 150 miles from Lhasa. The experiences of one of those held, Jamyang Samten, now 16, gives a clue to the fate of Tibetan protesters now in the hands of the Chinese police. He told the programme makers he was given electric shocks with a cattle prod, chained to a wall and hit in the stomach by a guard wearing a metal glove. If he made a minor mistake in his interrogation, he would be beaten with a chain. "The way the Chinese tortured was terrifying," he said. "They beat us using their full strength. Sometimes they forced us to take off our clothes. We were locked up in a room with our arms and legs handcuffed and they beat us. The chain injured the surface but not the inside of the body. "If they hit us with the electric baton, our entire body trembled and gradually we were unable to speak." Jamyang was eventually released and finally made it over the border to Kathmandu in Nepal after paying a guide the equivalent of £210.

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