Sunday, March 16, 2008

What can go wrong if Florida holds another primary - Everything!

Enjoy the chaos. The state that brought us the 3-week recount and the comical Florida Supreme Court has another chance to make a difference. What can go wrong in the 're-do'? Only everything - Ten most-asked questions about a possible re-do of the Florida Democratic Primary. 1. This whole thing is just a gag, right? Somebody's lame idea of a joke? If only it were. Acting with unfathomable haste and stupidity, the National Democratic Party stripped Florida of its convention delegates when the state decided to move up the date of its presidential primary. About 1.7 million loyal Democrats showed up on Jan. 29 and voted anyway, though they were basically tinkling into the wind. As fate would have it, the race between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama is now so tight that Florida's delegates could be crucial in deciding the nominee. That's why some party leaders wanted to ''re-do'' the primary by mail, a long-shot idea that terrifies supporters of both candidates. 2. Does anyone in their right mind believe that Florida could conduct postal balloting without a major screw-up or scandal? Heavens, no! The whole country is keenly aware that our state is a sump hole of incompetence and corruption. Submitting fraudulent hand-written ballots has always been a favored method of rigging elections here, and there's no reason to think the tradition wouldn't continue. ... 7. If a new primary is held, how can I be sure my primary vote would count? Pack up and move to Pennsylvania, fast. Just kidding! By now, most Floridians know the election-day drill: For every ballot that doesn't get counted, another ballot will accidentally be counted twice.

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