Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Law enforced against Rangel?

Do our tax laws apply to powerful Democrats? Maybe. But the penalties applied to you and me don't, his high-paid lawyer explains. RANGEL HAS A BAD CHAIR DAY - New York Post:
Embattled Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel is facing possible ouster from his powerful committee chairmanship as he scrambles to file new tax returns in a desperate bid to hold on to his job. The amended returns will reflect years of income he never bothered reporting from renting out his beachfront Caribbean villa, his lawyer said yesterday. House Republicans yesterday pushed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to dump Rangel as head of the Ways & Means Committee, which writes the nation's tax laws. "Given Chairman Rangel's continuing ethical lapses, he cannot effectively carry out his duties," nine GOPers wrote to Pelosi. "It is in the best interest of the public and this representative institution for Rep. Rangel to step down from his chairmanship until his ethical issues have been resolved." Rangel, a 19-term Democrat, plans a news conference today to announce he'll submit amended federal, state and city tax returns, according to lawyer Lanny Davis.
With Lanny Davis is his corner you know he is one of the most partisan Demos. And crimes are defended by leadership, of course:
Pelosi defended Rangel. "The American people would be better served if Republicans would stop playing politics and allow the bipartisan Ethics Committee to do its job," said her spokesman, Brendan Daly.
We also want to hear more about his four (4) rent-controlled apartments.

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