Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oabama's AP team faults Palin for something she never claimed

Meltdown at full speed. From Obama's team at Associated Press. Gov. Palin went to visit Alaska National Guard troops in Kuwait and went to the border. She never claimed to have entered Iraq. But the AP is wetting their pants because "unnamed aides" say she did. Her people who speak on the record say she didn't enter Iraq. And Gov. Palin made no such claim. There is nothing here. See for yourself. Obama camp suggests lies over Palin visit to Iraq -
The newspaper said unnamed aides initially explained that Palin had visited a "military outpost" inside Iraq. The Globe said campaign aides and members of the Alaska National Guard subsequently explained that she did not venture beyond the Iraq/Kuwait border when she visited the Khabari Alawazem Crossing on July 25, 2007. Lt. Col. Dave Osborn, commander of the 3d Battalion, 207th Infantry of the Alaska National Guard, who was in charge of the 570 local troops serving in Kuwait and Iraq, said Palin did not cross in Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats have a puzzle with a code name "Palin Problem". They have to solve it, and to do it effectively, because the prize is the White House.
Sarah is everywhere these days. No matter, if there are negative responses, rumors and resentments; or praises, support and encouragements. She filled media, and not only in America. Palinmania is spreading all over the world - everybody has their opinion on the new political celebrity of US.
The Palin avalanche is winning against Obama inundation. How should Democrats defeat her? Would it be better just keep their line of campaign and ignore populist idol of Republicans? Or should they put out their claws, oppose her and show her the real politics? - give advice to Democrats, if you think there still is an effective advice for them...