Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember we were attacked on September 11

We were attacked on September 11. Let's not forget it. They attacked Washington, DC and New York City because they are our capital and financial center. They attacked American and United Airlines because they are the US's largest airlines. The attackers were far-from-impoverished Muslims mostly from Saudi Arabia. Their Muslim faith drove them to plan to kill and to face their victims and kill in cold blood. Not all of Islam kills, but their faith was definitely involved. We need to remember those who died: mostly Americans, but many were Americans from other countries. And to remember those who killed and why. The phrase I most object to is "Islam is a religion of peace." It has proven over and over that it is a religion of war. A memorial to the victims of the attack on the Pentagon will be dedicated today.


Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to see what language they use in the memorial signs, such as active verbs versus passive verbs. When I was in Paris, I was surprised how direct some of the language was on the historical markers. Instead of "so-and-so died here," the markers said "here the Germans killed so-and-so."

raybanoutlet001 said...
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