Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Obama will pay for "green" buildings - WASTE

My response to Marginal Revolution Green buildings Seattle built a new "green" city hall a few years back and got a gold LEED certificate for it. Here is the press release. But... now the reality. The new building is WORSE than the old one. Seattle P-I
"Seattle's new City Hall is an energy hog - Higher utility bills take the glow off its 'green' designation "Seattle's new City Hall was designed with the environment in mind, using the most energy-efficient technologies. "But the building acts like an old-fashioned electricity hog. It has lofty public spaces and walls of glass designed to welcome citizens and suggest an open and transparent government. It also uses 15 percent to 50 percent more electricity some months than the older, larger building it replaced, according to Seattle City Light utility bills. "The high energy use is an embarrassment for the city at a time when Mayor Greg Nickels is urging municipalities across the country to cut their energy consumption and voluntarily comply with the Kyoto environmental protocols. City Council member

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