Saturday, December 05, 2009

ObamaCare: Government will be able to kick you off your health care plan

Congressman Henry Waxman clarifies it. In this stunning YouTube video he explains how under ObamaCare the government would have the power to “suspend” the enrollment of any American in any health care plan, that is, kick you off your plan. With the help of an aide, he begins reading from the 2,074-page bill; “The remedies described in the paragraph with respect to a qualified health benefit plan, they [federal officials] can levy civil money penalties, or can suspend the enrollment of individuals under such a plan after the date the commissioner notifies the entity of the determination under paragraph 1 that the plan does not qualify.” If federal officials determine your health plan does not qualify, you will be disenrolled, that is, kicked off. In government-speak “remedies” means punishment, and “suspend” means cancel. Watch it here. Tell us again, President Obama, how you guarantee that I will be able to keep my current health care coverage. Oh, you left out one little word - NOT. Thanks to Paul Guppy at Washington Policy Center

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