Monday, December 06, 2010

Birds and beaches

We get to stay in Cabo San Lucas for another week. Last week we suffered through a time-share sales presentation to get some cash. We earned our pay. The salesman for Grand Mayan resort seemed to be insulted that we did not buy and he made sure he insulted us. We told a person in the resort business about this. She said the saying is that at that resort "You buy or you cry." We did some rock climbing and got to Lovers Beach which everyone has to travel by boat to get to. With my limited mobility due to hip socket injury in past trips I didn't verify the rumor that you can climb the rocks from the Pacific beach that our resort Playa Grande is on to famous Lovers Beach and its companion, Divorce Beach. It was rock scrambling, but less than 100 vertical feet. Our room looks over the harbor (at The Ridge) and I enjoy watching pelicans by the dozens all day. There is a group of at least a dozen frigate birds - large and black with deep forked tail and white breast for most, white head for some and red breast for a few. Once or twice a day, I hear the strange chirp of ospreys high overhead. There are a few seagulls, but they are shy compared to the pelicans. That is hard for a Puget Sounder to believe - a bird bolder than seagulls. When fish are being cleaned they walk among the people working and waiting - bold! And I saw a hawk who is not an osprey today - Wednesday. A few sea lions hang around the harbor entrance and sometimes off our Pacific beach. Today, Monday, is my lovely wife's birthday. Happy Birthday! Wednesday - We saw a bunch of beach walkers gathered around something, half an hour after sunrise today. A sea turtle was heading for the water. Not fast, but she kept at it.

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