Monday, December 27, 2010

Bozos are in charge - Incompetano version

Janet Incompetano, aka Napolitano, when confronted with 70 per cent failure rate on guns in carry-ons at major airports says "Let's just move on."

Napolitano dismissed a recent news report about major airports failing secret tests designed to get contraband such as guns and knives past security screeners. The report said some airports had a 70 percent failure rate.

"Many of them are very old and out of date and there were all kinds of methodology issues with them. Let's set those aside," she said. "We pick up more contraband with the new procedures and the new machinery."

She forces you and me to go through a naked scanner and/or get felt up, but she is not bothered by 70% failure of guns getting through screening?

Why are we putting up with this?

Fox News

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