Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gov. Moonbeam Brown and moronic people

Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown sees himself in others.

LA Times
With California's new fiscal year starting Friday and no compromise with the GOP on a budget in sight, Gov. Jerry Brown's chief spokesman called Sacramento Republicans "basically moronic" for failing to strike an agreement.

Brown wants a fall election on taxes and to extend vehicle and sales tax hikes that will otherwise expire by Friday. Republicans are demanding pension, regulatory and spending policy concessions in exchange for such an election. They have balked at extending taxes.

"The Republicans in Sacramento are basically moronic. But we’re hopeful that they can realize we’re on an unsustainable trajectory here, one that is not fiscally responsible and one for which they are at least partially responsible,"
Why should they work with him? He is so much higher than the Republicans that he can't see them. I would let him solve the problems all by himself.

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