Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shoes and trade?

Our two US Senators are keeping their names in the news: this week by proposing to reduce or eliminate the duty or tax on imported shoes. Seattle Times

We know they like exports - Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Paccar, etc.

Since they like imports and exports then they favor trade. Clearly, right? You know, each country produces what they are best capable of and they they trade and both sides come out ahead.

Then are they working to end the roadblock of the free-trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea and Panama? These agreements have been agreed upon and just await confirmation by the Senate. But Pres. Obama is not asking the Senator to approve them until he gets changes to Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

This kind of holdup is usually a bunch of unions trying to get something.

Status: South Korea tells the US to get moving or the deal will be dead. Wall Street Journal

We benefit greatly from trade. Cato Senators, since you are goofing off by not writing the 2012 budget you have time to get the three trade agreements going: Panama, Colombia and South Korea.