Sunday, May 06, 2012

Occupy organizer says he expected broken windows

An Occupy May Day organizer says he expected broken windows. Ian Finkenbinder is identified by Seattle Times as an organizer in the photo caption and is quoted: "When you have the inequity we see today," he said, "there will be a few broken windows." 

As I watched the live coverage I repeatedly said to myself "The organizers knew who was coming." 
And how did the window breakers blend back into the crowd? They were allowed to hide by the marchers. The organizers could have pointed out the anarchists to the police. But they let the anarchists hide in their midst. Then claimed innocence: Oh! These outsiders are ruining our peaceful protest.
Even the police had information that the anarchists were coming. Economic Freedom 

Graphic: I did a screen grab of the page, since photos and captions are fleeting.

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