Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick, announce something. Demos lost big Tuesday

Democrats and DC insiders lost big on Tuesday, May 8. So Obama changed the subject on Wednesday, May 9, and announced his evolution on gay marriage - after consulting his daughters.

In Wisconsin. The unions spent millions on recalling Governor Scott Walker. Tuesday was the primary for which Democrat will face Walker in the recall election. The unions' chosen candidate lost big. But the bigger story was that Walker - unopposed on the Republican side - got more votes than all the Democrats combined.

In Indiana the Democrats were very sorry that Senator for life Dick Lugar lost his primary big - 60 to 40. Lugar has not lived in Indiana since he was elected to the Senate over 35 years ago. Sen. John Kerry ("Do you know who I am?") sent condolences.

In North Carolina they voted to change the state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. It wasn't close. The Democrats are having their national convention there!!

In West Virginia a federal inmate got 40% of the vote and won 10 counties over Obama in the Democrat primary. Huh? Fox News

The government-controlled media don't want you to hear and talk about this news. So Obama announced he will do what his daughters recommend and endorse marriage of homosexuals. Every talk show can be sidelined to talk about Obama, rather than the loses he is causing.

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