Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cape PAC will steal your donation

A (criminal?) outfit called Cape PAC is putting up fake donation sites for Republican candidates for office. Why no Democrats? If you donate to Congressman Allen West on the fake Cape PAC site West will get nothing, All your donation will go to PR firms that reimburse each other until the money is gone,

Look for "hosted by Cape PAC" at the bottom or top of the web page.

The Atlantic

Noam Neusner, a former White House speechwriter for President George W. Bush, thought he had given $250 to Ohio GOP Senate candidate Josh Mandel.

He hadn't.

Instead, Neusner was one of nearly 3,000 donors who stumbled onto a network of look-alike campaign websites that have netted more than $570,000 this year in what some are calling a sophisticated political phishing scheme.

The websites have the trappings of official campaign pages: smiling candidate photos and videos, issue pages, and a large red "donate" button at the top. Except that proceeds from the shadow sites go not to the candidates pictured, but to an obscure conservative group run by an Arizona activist.

Such doppelgänger sites exist for nearly three-dozen prominent GOP figures, including presidential nominee Mitt Romney, House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and donation magnets such as Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Allen West of Florida

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