Monday, September 10, 2012

Southern Poverty Law Center shows its bias

Since Southern Poverty Law Center  is fighting "the right wing" any thing it doesn't like is defined as right wing - including clearly left=wing groups. If Occupy Wall Streeters in Ohio are caught planning to blow up a bridge near Cleveland using C-4 explosives last April, suddenly the very left OWSers become "right." Huh?

SPLC started with a very worthy concern - fighting anti-black racial violence, but it got drunk on government funding. So when its defining problem was greatly improved they had to find other targets. And they did.

American Thinker

The Southern Poverty Law Center has built-up a lucrative fundraising business enabling it to pay lavish salaries to those who drum up money on the basis of fighting racism and "hate groups." The awkward fact that anti-black racial violence has diminished has not stopped it from developing other lures to keep this donations coming. The new favorite is to label supporters of traditional marriage as "hate groups."

Now, the SPLC has gone one step further in its logic. If it is violent and bad, it must be right wing.

The progressive movement in America has slipped the bounds of reality and is living in an entirely reality-free make believe world.

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