Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama violated his oath of office

Obama violated his oath of office.

Obama sent brown-shirted (literally) thugs to raid his home at midnight. Why? So he could be Obama's scapegoat. Without Nakoula to blame the world must look at how recklessly Sec. of State Hillary Clinton left our diplomatic missions unprotected in dangerous parts of the world.

What was Nakoula's crime that sent Obama agents on their midnight raid? Using his free-speech right to make a "movie" (appears to be 14 minutes never shown except in YouTube) that offended Muslims.

The attack in Benghazi was planned. Those attackers don't care about a movie no one has seen. They hate America because we have freedom. So Clinton is guilty of gross negligence.

Obama violated his oath of office by raiding the home of an American whose "speech" Obama didn't like. Well… We don't know if Obama liked it or not. Obama needed his scapegoat and violated this American's rights for Obama's political gain.

Glenn Reynolds say he should resign. Instapundit

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