Thursday, June 27, 2013

Congress ObamaCare supporters will leave Congress to avoid Obamacare

Congressmen and aides are considering leaving Congress before the end of the year to escape the onerous costs of ObamaCare. These are the Congresspersons who forced ObamaCare on all of us. But now they suddenly discover that it will hurt. Hurt them - that's different. (They just intended to hurt us. Actually they didn't intend to but they built a monstrosity without taking care and time to see what it would do.)

If lawmakers and staff stay until January 1, 2014 they are in the same boat as you and me. Wham! Costs go up 40% to 100%. But if they quit before that they can stay under the plans they are now under. And, being Congress, their insurance is pretty good. So many are considering leaving this year.


Via: HotAir

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