Friday, June 21, 2013

He dared investigate Alger Hiss conviction

Allen Weinstein investigated the Alger Hiss conviction. He expected to agree with the conventional wisdom of the liberal elite - that Hiss was innocent and was railroaded by horrible people - by Joe McCarthy, Whitaker Chambers, J Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon. But he did not: he found the evidence for Hiss's conviction as conclusive. (Hiss was convicted for perjury, but the charge was really spying, but the statute of limitations had passed for that.)

(I had the chance to ask Hiss's son about his father about ten years ago, but didn't because I had not yet read Witness by Whitake Chambers (I had started it) and I arrived at his book event too late to know for sure what he was saying.)

Weinstein wrote his findings in a 1988 book, Perjury.

Ronald Radosh celebrates a revised edition this year from Hoover Institution. Weekly Standard

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