Saturday, December 13, 2014

Greenpeace defaced very old treasure

Greenpeace knowingly defaced a very old treasure in Peru. Peru has a bunch of large-scale drawings on rock by the Nazca people around 400 to 640 AD. Greenpeace chose to place its message about renewable whatever adjacent to one of them. Adjacent - so close that they trampled on it. Their chosen site is the hummingbird geoglyph. And in their nocturnal comings and goings they created a road that is as bad an eyesore from above as the trampling they did.

Their message: “Time for change! The future is renewable - Greenpeace.” Duh… the past is not renewable. They caused permanent damage. But their intentions were good. And they are sorry that you take exception to what they do. But they have a higher calling.

Peru government official Jaime Castillo said that the action was illegal and they are investigating it.

Via Gizmodo. Source IO9

Patricio V. Murillo shows how researchers wear special footgear to protect the ground at the Nazca sites. (In Spanish)

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